The Pastor

Dan is originally from about as far as you can get from the sea in England but he has lived in various parts of the country.  Exotic locations include the Black Country, the rural idyll of Rutland and the modern city of Milton Keynes.  Prior to full time Christian leadership he pursued a career in digital mapping and data management within the public sector (basically making pretty maps on a computer for local government).  Dan has a passion for worship and seeing all-ages engaging within the life of the church and being effective disciples.

The Leadership Team

Kathryn is a lifelong "Sangrounder" and is actively involved with our children and young people, as well as leading the Tiny Tots group.

John is passionate about community and working with those who are on the margins of society.

Mary is a musical theatre stalwart and can be found supporting the Houghton Players latest productions.

The Church Life Team

Kim originally hails from the Potteries but since meeting her husband Dan in Bath has joined the adventure of experiencing different parts of the country.  A primary school teacher by background she has experience of a variety of school settings, including one in the middle of an RAF base.


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